From each gentlemenONLY photo shoot just a few pictures of each man are chosen to be worked on in photoshop for the GO portfolio, which is a selected collection of the best artistic, fashion, physique or creative images from the all the shoots. These are the pictures the gentlemen are usually most proud of, often turning these ordinary men into picture perfect models. In the member's gallery you can see all the raw unedited pictures from the shoots along with the shoot stories, but below please check out the GO portfolio for free featuring a small selection of men featured in the member's gallery. 


Gentlemen new to being on front of the camera often find taking a good portrait the most difficult part of the shoot.

Men are often not well versed on their best angles or how to use emotion in their face to create a dynamic. So quite often a lot of direction is given in shoots to facial expression in order to capture a nice or dramatic portrait.  


Creative shoots are usually the most fun for models but the most difficult in terms of photography and post production on the images.


Most of the creative image is created in photoshop which is a laborious process so creative shoots are done few and far between but when the collaboration between model, photographer and creative inspiration is right, the results are usually very rewarding. 


Fashion photography is by far the photographic genre that most gentlemen are interested in when chatting about any modelling aspirations. However is it also one of the most difficult photographic genres to do well.


First you have to have something fashionable to model and a concept for the shoot, then there are the expectations for how fashion models should look. If you can get those things right you stand a chance of producing some decent fashion images. 


Physique and nude modelling is divisive in the modelling world. Some associate nudity with pornography while others express nudity as artistic.

Most men modelling for this site are happy with artistic nudity but don't want to pose for anything too naughty and gentlemenONLY strives to keep it's work provocative, and occasionally edgy but always artistic.